Male Piercing Information

The website male piercing info tells you and explains the truth all about male erotic body piercings, jewelry for men, penis piercings, jewelry for partners, cock rings, male genital piercings, mens intime piercings, male nipple piercings, male face piercing, dydoe piercings, and male chastity piercings.

Male body piercing experts explain techniques, jewelry size and after care for the following male anatomical body piercings;

  • Prince Albert Piercing
  • Reverse Prince Albert piercing
  • Vertical Dydoe Piercing
  • Horizontal Ampallang
  • Labret Piercing
  • Hafada Piercing
  • Frenum Piercing
  • Foreskin Piercing
  • Guiche Piercing
  • Pubic Piercing

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